Copyright & intellectual property

Designers’ intellectual property

You retain ownership of all intellectual property rights for your products and product plans. Apart from the limited license to display the products and product plans, we would like the right to display photos for marketing purposes.

You grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable license to display the products and product plans uploaded to the website along with all uploaded content.

The license extends to use in uMake promotional materials including the website, electronic and printed marketing material and advertisements.

The license applies from the date a product plan and/or content is uploaded and continues for a period of 6 months after the product plan and/or content is removed.

Granting a license to uMake does not restrict your rights to grant the same or similar rights to other persons while these terms apply.

We will not, without first obtaining your express authorization, publicly display or distribute to third parties the technical specifications of any product plan that you upload to the website. For the purposes of this section, technical specifications include CAD drawings and other computer design formats.

You must inform us of any change in ownership to a product plan or part thereof.

Our intellectual property

We own, control or have the right to use and provide the website, all content on or from the website such as data, text, images, articles, photographs, illustrations, audio and video clips but NOT including your products and product plans.

You may electronically reproduce and store the content of the website solely for your own personal use. You may not display or distribute the content of any part of the website or its content in public, including any reproduction in any form on the Internet, without our express permission.

Any infringement of our intellectual property rights will be fully enforced under Quebec law.