Multi Surface Printing

Montreal Printing service for displays and installations of architects and designers on glass, wood, metals and plastics

uMake is a world class provider of UV printing, supporting a wide range of customer from numerous industries.

What can I print?
We can print just about anything. multi surface printers can print on a wide variety of media including: acrylic, glass, metal, powder coated media, polystyrene, PVC, wood, ABS, art board and canvas, a variety of vinyl and many additional RIGID and FLEXIBLE media.

The ink curing process allows for instant and strong adhesion with weather ability for lasting and durable prints. Customers can also request adhesion promoters for their desired mediums that are subject to wear and longevity.

Durability of multi-suface ink

Multi-Surface inks are more resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and sun exposure than its traditional printing counterparts.
The scratch resistance of Multi-surface ink is much better than eco solvent ink.
Multi-surface ink is waterproof ink and no need to laminate for outdoor use.