In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to convert your black and white logo into a vector file.

1. Open your image in Illustrator.

2. Select your image and create an “Image Trace”

3. Choose “Black and White Logo” from the preset tracing options. Click “Expand” to create outlines.

4. Select everything (Select > All in the menu bar) and ungroup everything (Object > Ungroup in the menu bar). You may have to ungroup multiple times until everything is ungrouped. 

5. Select all the negative space in your logo by clicking on a white portion of your image and Select > Same FillDelete the negative space.

6. To create black outlines: select everything (Select > All) and then swap the stroke and fill on the toolbar. You should have no fill colour, and a black stroke on all the outlines.

7. Finally Select > All and File > Export. Choose DXF as the file type and make sure the scale is 1in : 1unit