Most Leathers react well with laser cutting and laser engraving for pattern making or adding decal and branding. uMake.ca can work with full hide or small pieces, as long as the material can be flat.
Fake leather must be avoided due to the toxic gases produced during laser cutting.


Coroplast cuts great on the laser and is a perfect solution for signage, stencils, packaging jigs, templates and much more. Corosplast also comes in multiple colors and sizes and thicknesses.

Max size is 60"x120"
Maximum thickness: 12.7 mm / 0.5"

Larger thickness material is to be cut on the uMake.ca Waterjet

Baltic Birch plywood

Plywood "Baltic Birch"

Baltic Birch is a suitable plywood for Laser cutting and Engraving. The maximum laser cutting and engraving, delivering a light burnt edge when laser cutting 0.118" (3 mm) thick material and a dark brown edge when laser cutting 0.23" (6 mm) thick material.

The cut quality of Baltic Birch plywood is the highest achievable quality for laser cutting plywood with minimal discoloration.

Max size is 60"x60"
Maximum thickness: 6 mm / 0.23"

If cutting Baltic Birch thicker then 6 mm is required, uMake.ca offers CNC machining.


Acrylic is a very versatile polymer, with a great application for signage and displays. Laser cutting acrylic allows for a clean cutting edge with no inside radius. Acrylic can also be mechanically or flame polished and assembled with chemical welding or UV curing glues for a perfect finish.

For cutting Acrylic over 9 mm thick, uMake.ca provides the service of CNC machining and we can even polish the edge of the acrylic

Max size is 60"x120"
Maximum thickness: 9 mm

Mylar Film

Mylar is a very flexible polymer with a variety of uses. Our main use for Mylar at uMake.ca is for stencils, do to its flexible nature.

Maximum cutting size: 60"x120"
Material held in stock:
0.01" x 50"x100'
0.005" x 50" x 100'\

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