uMake Factory

Manufacturing partner for designers

In operation for 8 years, works with a wide range of customers for a vast number of industries. Our knowledge and understanding of design, manufacture and engineering makes us a strategic industrial partner for any enterprise, small business or individual.

We believe in empowering our industry partners to find their balance between time, quality and price.

Luke Kirkwood, Owner / Operator


Fiber Laser

10″ x 10″ (254 mm X 254 mm)

Fiber Laser marking is an advanced form of laser technology, providing permanent surface marking for applications in the medical and engineering fields. uMake fiber laser marking is world leading with huge advantages and competitive rates with developed quality control measures.

Laser Cutting

61″ x 122″ (1550 mm x 3100 mm)

Offering a massive foot print for laser cutting uMake can cut up to 1/2″ of most organic materials with extreme accuracy and precision. Our 10 years of experience makes us the right partner for your project.

Laser Engraving

61″ x 122″ (1550 mm x 3100 mm) Up to 10″ thick

No matter what material you are using or if you are an architect, artist, or designer, uMake offers high quality perfectly calibrated laser engraving technology to deliver optimum results

Multi surface Printing

24″ x 52″ (609 mm x 1320 mm)

Using the latest technology on the market, uMake can provide full color printing on any surface. Weather you are printing on glass for a building or wood for a POP display, uMake is first class in this process.

CNC Router

50″ x 100″ (1270 mm x 2540 mm) Up to 6″ thick

Using the best CNC equipment, uMake specialize in wood, aluminum and polymer 3 axis machining. Our custom projects range from product manufacture to architectural installations. uMake also can assist with design and manufacturing to ensure your project meets its deadlines, quality and price requirements.


6″ x 6″ (157 mm x 157 mm)

Achieving the right ink transfer when stamping is our priority for your business. We take the time to review and improve your design for the right performance. All our stamps are custome made from you design – engraved rubber and mounted on an engraved wood block with or without handle depending on size for better weight transfer


Design And Development

Industrial and Graphic Design

uMake is a great team of creative people with engineers, manufacturing technicians, industrial designers and graphic designers. umake made concepts a reality with a set of collaborative skills.


60″ x 120″ (1550 mm x 3100 mm)

uMake produce large, detailed stencils for customers with a variety of industry applications. If you are a street artist or restoring an old building, uMake offers hight quality stencils.


Our team are skilled in electronics for enhancing your design or manufacturing requirements. Whether you are prototyping new devices or building an interactive display, uMake can support your requirements.


Faris Mahboob

5 5 1
Excellent service! Umake will work with your to ensure your project gets made correctly and on time! Will definitely be working with them again.

Meyang Yunga

5 5 1
I went to Umake to have a wood jigsaw puzzle made and Luke was awsome. All I had was a rough idea, I had pulled from the internet. Luke took it, ran with it and the result was a beautifully made puzzle that will be used as my wedding guestbook. Thank you, Luke and Umake. MY

Kelli Richards

5 5 1
I am an interior designer and needed a logo laser engraved in wood planks for the side of a counter fa

Hugo Duguay

5 5 1
Umake ont su r

Steeve-Shaun Fabre

5 5 1
Ils ont grav

Kirk Mosna

5 5 1
OHM is a Canadian industrial design firm and our clients often need to create working prototypes to test the designs. One of clients required hundreds of laser cut silicone parts for a beta run. We googled laser cutting and found Umake. Umake turned it around very quickly, professionally and at a very affordable price. We have since then gone back to Umake 4 more times.