ProcessErosion at highspeed using a water/sand mixtureCut using a highspeed routerMelting using a concentrated laser light beam
Common Uses2D cutting of virtually any material.Precision 2D and 3D cutting.Affordable 2D cutting and engraving options.
MaterialsAluminum, Steel, Marble, Slate, Tile, Carpet, Glass.Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, FoamPlastic, Plywood, MDF, Metal (engraving only).
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ThicknessUp to 4″Up to 4″Up to 3/8″
Accuracy+/- .01″+/- .005″+/- .01″
Dimensions6 x 10 ft5 x 10 ft5 x 10 ft
FinishingUsually no extra finishing requiredAll inside corners will have radius
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Laser leaves coloring on plywood edges